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Top five 23/24 Premier League teams with the best fans

Top five 22/23 Premier League teams with the best fans

The Premier League is not just about the players on the pitch; it's also a testament to the fans in the stands and their unrivaled passion for the beautiful game. Here's a definitive ranking of the 23/24 Premier League teams with the best fans, as measured by fan passion, attendance, atmosphere, and loyalty.

1. Liverpool ( Army)

Affectionately called the Anfield Army, Liverpool fans fill Anfield and create an electric atmosphere at every home game. 

The iconic anthem “You'll Never Walk Alone” resonates throughout the stadium. Their unwavering loyalty sets them apart, sticking with the team through triumphs and challenges.

2. Manchester United (Red Devils)

The Red Devils boast one of the most committed fan bases in the Premier League, frequently filling Old Trafford—known as the “Theatre of Dreams”—to capacity. The atmosphere here is both magical and intimidating, punctuated by the iconic “Glory Glory Man United” chant, especially during high-stakes matches.

Despite a dry spell in recent years, Manchester United fans have shown unparalleled loyalty, maintaining high attendance rates and vocal support.

3. United (Toon Army)

The Toon Army passionately supports Newcastle United in a way that has almost reached legendary status. Fans regularly fill St. James' Park, even when the team underperforms.

Newcastle fans create a raucous, intimidating atmosphere for visiting teams. Their resilience and loyalty set them apart, as they support the team through high and low seasons.

4. (Gunners)

Commonly known as the Gunners, Arsenal fans consistently sell out the Emirates Stadium. They create a rousing and emotional atmosphere, especially during key fixtures. 

Despite a 20+ years Premier League title drought, these fans maintain their loyalty and back their team with enduring fervor. Can Arteta bring the Gunners back to the top?

5. (Toffees)

Everton, affectionately supported by their fan base known as the Toffees, has a loyal following that frequently fills Goodison Park. The atmosphere here mirrors traditional English soccer vibes with heartfelt chants and songs. 

What makes Everton fans remarkable is their unwavering support, even as the team goes through decades without significant titles.

Top five Premier League teams with the “best” fans, a summary

The table, as above, ranks teams according to covering key aspects like attendance, atmosphere, and loyalty.

1LiverpoolAnfield ArmyConsistent sell-outs at Anfield“You'll Never Walk Alone” resonatesFans stick through thick and thin
2Manchester UnitedRed DevilsOld Trafford often filled to capacityKnown as the “Theatre of Dreams” for a reason12 Premier League titles, yet still loyal during dry spells
3Newcastle UnitedToon ArmySt. James' Park is consistently buzzingRaucous and intimidatingStick by the team despite less silverware
4ArsenalGunnersEmirates regularly sold outRousing, especially during key matchesLoyal even amid a title drought. The last EPL title in 2004
5EvertonToffeesGoodison Park often near capacityTraditional English soccer ambianceDecades without a title, yet unwavering support

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