The best Nike kits at the 2023 Women’s World Cup

The best Nike kits at the 2023 Women's World Cup

As the 2023 Women's draws near, excitement is building not only for the matches but also for the stylish and eye-catching team kits.

This year, Nike has once again designed uniforms for some of the most prominent teams in the competition, including the United States Women's National Team (USWNT), , , , and several others.

Let's dive into the details of these kits and offer our thoughts on their aesthetics and functionality.

United States

The stylish showdown begins with the USA home and away kits.

At first glance, the white home kit isn't much to write home about. But we think the paint spatter effect will grow on fans throughout the tournament. If that doesn't win fans over, the four gold stars representing each country's four World Cup titles will.

Fans who disliked the white kit might find solace in the blue one.

The updated kit displays a vivid blue foundation highlighted by a daring red shade, creating a captivating and visually appealing look.

The USA 2023 Women's World Cup away jersey, crafted by Nike, further exhibits a wavy pattern that spans across the shirt. This fluid design abruptly stops at the cuffs, transforming into a dynamic red-blue lightning motif.


When you're one of the hosts for the World Cup, you have to up the kit game. And the Aussies have done precisely that. Unfortunately, we can't speak highly of co-hosts New Zealand's home and away strip, which fails to inspire.

The Australia World Cup yellow home kit is a thing of beauty. The jersey features an all-over swirling marbled design inspired by the country's renowned Outback and beaches. Contrasting green on the underarm areas, badge, cuffs, and crew neck collar add a touch of variety. The green shorts and white socks complete the look.

Meanwhile, the blue away kit is something of a marvel. The kit merges a light turquoise foundation with deep blue and faded yellow embellishments. A strip of yellow appears on the neckline and adorns the cuffs. The predominant turquoise colorway also dominates the shorts and socks.


The 2022 UEFA champions will be on the hunt to claim their World Cup title Down Under this summer. And the Lionesses will be doing it by donning a modern take on the traditional white colorway. The off-white kit takes a cue from old Wembley stadium's chalky exterior. Meanwhile, blue accents shine on the collar and cuffs. The clean is kit and effective.

Meanwhile, England's away kit is primarily light blue and adopts geometric styles made famous by the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s. A dark blue trim aligns the collar and cuffs. The kit offers a fresh take to the World Cup's likely final challengers.


The French always have the most elegant kits. The 2023 World Cup version is no different. The home kit is cut from Orphism, an artistic style that emerged in the early 20th century. During that period, French women's football took the pitch for the first time.

The light blue and lilac colorway nods to that original 1920s kit, hallmarked by the soft interwoven brushstrokes. However, the cuffs take on a more vibrant tricolor stance, just as the red socks top it off.

Meanwhile, the away kit is a simple white colorway with geometric patterns to match the style of the predominant Orphism aesthetic of the 1920s. The badge, Nike logo, and shorts are darker blue, while the shirt's cuffs get a helter-skelter tricolor look.


Brazil, like France, are consistent heavy hitters regarding kits. And this time, Brazil pairs the iconic yellow home kit with a leaf pattern indicative of the Amazon. The beauty is in simplicity.

The away kit maintains the vibrant green lining on the collar and cuffs, which continues into jungle foliage on the shoulders. It looks similar to the men's 2022 World Cup away kit which featured vibrant jaguar prints.

Photo: Instagram/NikeFootball

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