Suzy Cortez sets tattoo world record with new Messi art

Suzy Cortez sets tattoo world record with new Messi art

Brazilian model Suzy Cortez once again showed her love for Lionel Messi with her latest record-setting tattoo.

The two-time Miss Bum Bum winner tattooed her eighth Messi tribute on her rear to honor the Argentina star's World Cup victory. She revealed the new artwork, a replica of Messi's signature, exclusively on OnlyFans.

The devoted fan previously received a tat of Argentina's number ten in an intimate area above her pelvis. Yep, that's Messi's face.

Miss Bum Bum decides to keep it simple with the latest Messi tat

Many fans expected the Brazilian bombshell to follow up on her pledge last year to replicate Messi's calf tattoo. The talisman's ‘super tattoo' showcases the number ten and a ball on his left calf.

“I have a total of seven tattoos in honor of Messi; I entered the Guinness World Records,” Suzy told Daily Star Sport in a 2021 interview.

“When I got the intimate tattoo, some people were surprised, but gradually they understood why I got the tattoo.

“I intend to get a tattoo identical to the one Messi has on his leg with the ball and the number 10.”

Well, it looks like she opted for a much subtler tattoo to celebrate Messi's World Cup triumph — the player's autograph and iconic number 10. She also painted her body in Argentina colors on the night of the win.

Cortez's open admiration for Messi is well-known, as is her passion for Barcelona. She once posed in Blaugrana body paint.

As she said upon Messi's shock departure to PSG: “I will never stop supporting my greatest idol in sport until death, Messi. Bartomeu and Abidal destroyed our team.”

With eight devoted Messi tattoos, Miss Bum Bum might be overly optimistic as she anticipates Messi's eighth record-breaking Ballon d'Or.

While the Argentine will undoubtedly be one of the candidates featured in the 2023 Ballon d'Or voting, his stock is dipping given PSG's early exit from the Champions League.

We're all looking forward to Cortez's next body art if and when the legend returns to Camp Nou.

Photo: Instagram/@suzyacortez

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