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Ripped socks: Jude Bellingham’s unique style takes football world by storm

Jude Bellingham ripped socks

How does he keep getting away with wearing ripped socks? Simple — he's Jude Bellingham, Real Madrid's latest superstar.

The 20-year-old international continually breaks La Liga's rules about kit etiquette. The league requires that all players suit up in fully stitched kits, including shorts and socks. Any rips need immediate replacements and repairs. But not Jude; he's the Wonderboy exception.

Fashion or function? Why Jude violates La Liga fashion rule (and gets away with it)

It's not as if Jude is trying to be a full-on renegade — after all, wore the infamous white bandage on his hand each game. Wearing the inadvertently torn socks is more about fitness than anything.

The reason behind his preference for cutting holes in his socks is to relieve pressure on his calf muscles, which the tight fit of the socks can constrict.

The practice is particularly beneficial for footballers who maintain bulging legs; freeing up the skin helps improve blood flow, circulation, and breathability.

The curtailed socks do not improve player speed or quickness. That comes from practice, but from the looks of it, the hole-sock look is working.

Bellingham is La Liga's top leading scorer with 13 goals in 17 games played. His 13 in his first games put him on par with the great Alfredo Di Stefano and Ronaldo. CR7 is Real Madrid's top scorer in history with a whopping 450 goals.

The midfielder has four more strikes in the Champions League and five assists in total across all 22 matches this season, a blazing start to his Real Madrid career.

Teammate Brahim Diaz is following in Jude's stylistic footsteps. Arsenal Bukayo Saka and Manchester City's also sport the look. Chelsea captain Conor Gallagher makes incisions in his, too. We can smell a trend when we see one.

Jude Bellingham ripped sock look

How to get Jude Bellingham's ripped sock look in 3 steps

1. Select your team's socks: Choose a sturdy pair of football socks, preferably the ones you're going to wear on the pitch.

2. Mark the Battlefield: Unlike the typical fray at shins and ankles, Bellingham's style is characterized by strategic rips at the back of the leg. These are battle scars that speak to the dynamic play of a midfielder—dynamic, unpredictable, and always forward-moving.

3. Craft the Tatters: With the precision of a playmaker, snip horizontal lines across the back of the socks, below the calf muscle, where the fabric meets the demands of endless runs and sudden sprints. Ensure the slits are evenly spaced and parallel.

Photo: ig/judebellingham

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