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Premier League set to trial Sin Bins, but why?

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It looks like Premier League referees are in line for further protection. That's because the IFAB (International Football Association Board), independent guardians of the football rules, want to introduce a punishment taken from the Rugby leagues. Sin bins are temporary 10-minute off-the-field punishments given to players who complain excessively at the referees. 

The IFAB issued the approval proposal on Tuesday in London, delineating that only team captains have the right to make team complaints heard. Grassroots and junior football implemented the rule in 2019 to much avail. Trials for “dissent and specifical tactical offenses” could now move to the EFL and National League football tiers before getting its stamp of approval for the Premier League.  

Will Sin Bins create more problems or solutions?

Think of Sin bins as a temporary red card or, effectively ‘orange card' for lodging verbal or gesturing at refs. It sounds like being put in the penalty box in ice hockey.

Sin Bin intends to curb the excessive abuse refs face during matches while moving along game time. But will it do more harm than good? Fans, like players, share all the emotions of a good yell at the referee. 

“Sin Bins in football what we saying? Our officials can't even get red cards and yellow cards right. Adding another option would be carnage if we're honest,” tweeted Mark Goldbridge. 

Chelsea legend also chimed in: “Sin bins in football? I'm so intrigued to hear everyone's thoughts on this? I personally don't like it because the level of tolerance and inconsistencies from referees will differ every week!”

It's easy to say why a player like John Terry would dislike the rule. The former Chelsea captain never shied away from giving the umpires a mouthful. And he would've been the perfect mouthpiece for chief complainer Diego Costa. 

Wrote pundit Jamie Carraher on Twitter: “I've never been a fan of sin bins before, but we are watching too many games that have red cards & for me it ruins the game. A couple of instances this season were something feels more than a yellow but a red feels harsh are & Curtis Jones.” 

Should sin bins get tested later this or next season, which Premier League player would get the most of them? Paging

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