France Euro 2024 home and away kit, leaked

France Euro 2024 home and away kit, leaked

With this summer's Euro 2024 around the corner, it's no surprise to see leaks of some of the top team's . , in particular, has dropped a sneak peek at their home and away kit designs, courtesy of .

France Euro 2024 Home Kit

Nike again has dropped yet another outstanding addition to the French collection. France's new Euro 2024 home kit adopts a minimal look, opting to clash a massive Gallic Rooster crest over a bright blue colorway.

The golden Gallic Rooster is the official logo of the French Football Federation (Fédération Française de Football, FFF), representing the country's heritage and identity.

A blue, white, and red Tricolor dawns the V-collared neck. A white Nike logo accompanies the chest. Mbappe will look good scoring golazos in this wondrous kit.

White shorts and red socks with blue lines prepare to complete the outfit.

France Euro 2024 Away Kit

How do you contrast an all-royal blue home kit — with an all-white version, of course. Except Nike France Euro 2024 away kit also comes pinstriped with blue (left side, half) and red (right side, half) vertical lines running down the shirt.

The newly enhanced Gaellic Rooster emblem bears the chest, while a subtle but poignant royal blue spawns the edge of the sleeves and round collar. Again, the rooster's predominant size will snag all the attention.

Blue shorts with red and white trims and red socks (matching the ones from the home kit) complete the look.

Stay tuned for the France 24 home and away kit's official release in March/April. In the meantime, what are your initial thoughts on France's Euro 2024 shirts?

Photo: x/MHq7pr5v8DCEtw6

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