Famous footballers and their favorite snacks

Famous footballers and their favorite snacks

Footballers often maintain strict diets to support their physical performance and recovery, which typically includes a balanced intake of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. However, many footballers have their own indulgences, especially after a game or during the off-season.

These “cheat day” snacks range from comfort food like pizza and burgers to sugary treats like chocolate and ice cream. After all, the typical footballer runs between 6 and 8.5 miles per game, making them feel like they can eat anything.

Let's look at the most famous footballers and their go-to snacks. Beware, soccer moms!

Cristiano Ronaldo — KFC

While Cristiano Ronaldo maintains one of the strictest diets of any footballer, he does dip his fingers into fried treats.

Even with 7% body fat, Ronaldo is known to have a soft spot for KFC. He'll occasionally sacrifice his chiseled physique for a bucket of crispy Colonel Harland Sanders chicken.

If his boots and are any evidence, we've also heard that the striker might have a weakness for flamin' hot Cheetos.

— Coca-Cola

He may serve as a brand ambassador for Pepsi, but deep down Lionel Messi is a Coca-Cola drinker. In his early days at , the GOAT drank down ounces of the sugary drink after matches.

“I ate badly for many years, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four years old. I didn't care. Now I eat well. I eat fish, meat, salad, and vegetables. Truth is that I eat everything I like but organized and not too much,” said Messi.

He's now more likely to promote Lays, and Pepsi than consume them. In November 2022, he released his own burger, “The Messi Burger Champion's Edition” through the Hard Rock cafe.

— Chocolate Churros

Before Sergio Ramos morphed into one of the best center-backs and most ripped players in world football, he had an unhealthy relationship with Mcdonald's.

In his early days, Ramos frequently indulged in fries and burgers, despite the potential negative impact on his fitness and performance. This all changed when he realized the importance of proper nutrition and embraced a disciplined diet, paving the way for his legendary career.

However, he's still known to enjoy chocolate churros every 15 days. These deep-fried Spanish pastries are typically coated in sugar and cinnamon, then served with a rich, warm chocolate sauce for dipping. Yum.

Neymar — McDonalds

Neymar is never one to shy away from sharing his love for McDonald's burgers. In fact, the Brazilian celebrated a recent poker match with a Big Mac at a nearby Parisian McDonald's.

PSG fans ridiculed the forward's fast-food binge following a losing effort against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Marcus Rashford — Cereal

Marcus Rashford is in the form of his life this 22/23 season. The Manchester United forward has struck the net sixteen times since the Qatar. In an interview with GQ, he revealed that he still chows down on Kellogg's Fruit'n Fibre.

“I used to eat seven to eight bowls per day, but I had to slow down,” Rashford admitted.

Cutting down on the added sugar may explain his nothing but stellar performances this season.

Photo: Twitter/@RoyNemer + @jonas_creteur

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