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Devastating: DNA evidence confirms Dani Alves’ semen in rape case

DNA tests confirm Alves’ semen in the victim’s body

The latest forensic tests confirm the traces of Dani Alves' DNA (semen) in the victim's body.

That's according to El Periodico de Catalunya, who unearthed the new details behind the player's alleged rape of a young woman on New Year's Eve at Barcelona nightclub Swanky.

Why Dani Alves keeps changing his story

The new evidence contradicts Alves' side of the story in which he assured the judge in his statement on January 20 that the young woman consented to perform oral stimulation on him.

Dani Alves never admitted to having sex with the 23-year-old woman who accused him of rape, but his semen corroborates her account of events.

The player, who initially denied any wrongdoing before admitting to penetration, is still captive in a Catalan prison despite the plea to exit pretrial detention.

Evidently, the justice system in Spain has to decide by February 17th whether to keep Alves in provisional custody or release him to await trial for the rape allegations against him. Alves' attorney requested that the court grant him bail under the condition that he relinquished his passport and wore an electronic tag. But a Spanish court denied Alves bail on February 21 as the investigation into the alleged assault continues.

Alves' changing of his story multiple times was an attempt to avoid admitting unfaithfulness to his current wife, model Joana Sanz. Consequently, Sanz paid a visit to Brians 2 complex in Barcelona before filing divorce paperwork earlier this week.

“Why did Dani change his version several times?” asked Dani Alves' lawyer Cristóbal Martell.

“It was because he was trying to hide the fact that he was cheating on his wife.”

Alves' ex-wife backs the player's claims

Just yesterday, the Barcelona legend's former wife and agent Dinorah Santana said that the Brazil international couldn't “dishonor a woman.”

“They are condemning Dani without him having been tried. Dani would be incapable of dishonoring a woman. I was married for 10 years and I've known him for 22,” Santana told Sport.

Alves and Santana share two kids together.

“In 20 years he never spoke to me in a higher tone. Sometimes you argue, but he never treated me badly. He treated the women around me just the same. Me, my daughter, the little princess, my son too.

“Dani has always had a belief that a woman should be treated like a queen. She gets that support from her father, out of the respect he has for his mother. It's like that with people in general.”

Barcelona boss Xavi, a friend, teammate, and former coach of Brazilian right-back Dani Alves, had this to say about the situation on January 23.

“Regarding the Dani Alves case, these acts must be punished, coming from Dani or anyone else. I want to apologize and support the victim. I understand that they're not going through the best situation. I'm sorry.”

Meanwhile, Mexican side Pumas are suing their former player for $4.8 million in damages.

Stay tuned for further updates related to the Dani Alves rape case.

Photo: Twitter/BarcaUniversal

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