Did Lionel Messi have an affair with Sofia Martinez?

Did Lionel Messi have an affair with Sofia Martinez?

We, too, find it hard to believe. But there are about 's alleged affair with Argentinean journalist .

According to the Brazilian outlet Directo Do Miolo, Messi and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo of 15 years are “on the verge” of separation. Various quotes in the bombshell report are fairly dubious and have yet to be confirmed. The report also comes out of Brazil, which is still salty over Selecao's defeat to Argentina in World Cup qualifiers.

The relationship between Messi and Sofia Martinez

However, the 2022 World Cup winner has been seen in multiple intriguing interviews with Sofia Martinez. One in particular occurred after Argentina defeated in the World Cup semi-finals. During that interview, Martinez poured her heart out into Messi's ability to lift a nation.

“The last thing I want to tell you, and is not a question, but I just wanted to say; the World Cup final is coming and sure, we all [Argentinians] want to win the Cup,” said Martinez. “I just want to tell you that no matter the results, there's something that no one can take from you and that is the fact you resonated with Argentinians, every single one. I'm being serious.

“There's no kid who doesn't have your team shirt. No matter if it is a fake, real or made up one. Truly, you made your mark in everyone's life and that to me is beyond winning any World Cup. No one can take that from you and this is my gratitude for such amount of happiness you bring to a lot of people.

“I seriously hope you take these words into your heart because I really believe that's more important than winning a World Cup and you already have it, so thank you captain.”

The message left Messi in tears and he responded dutifully.

“Thank you so much, the truth is that I felt it, I felt it this whole time,” replied Messi. “The kindness, the kindness of the people and for the Cup and for us where we're living an incredible time with them (the fans).”

The same journalist interviewed him at the Ballon d'Or ceremony in Paris last month. One user captured footage of the Argentine star looking smitten with the Argentine reporter. But looks can deceive.

Messi did not cheat, says close family friend, Daniella Semaan

The wife of Cesc Fabregas Daniella Semaan, a close friend of the couple, scoffed at the marriage crisis rumors circulating the media. “What publication is this that has no meaning.. and has nothing right,” she posted on Instagram.

Roccuzzo is the childhood sweetheart and backbone of Messi's brilliant footballing career. The couple share three kids and recently bought a new mansion in Ft. Lauderdale near 's stadium and training center.

So, is Messi's alleged affair with Sofia Martinez fake news? There is no evidence to prove otherwise.

Photo: Instagram/sofimmartinez

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