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The Craziest Goal Celebrations of All-Time

Goal celebrations are often more entertaining than the goals themselves. From Antoine Griezmann’s car ride to Francesco Totti’s iconic selfie, here are some of the craziest goal celebrations to date.

Robbie Fowler’s cocaine celebration

Well, that’s one way to celebrate a goal. After striker Robbie Fowler nets a penalty against crosstown rivals Everton, he immediately runs to the sidelines and acts like he’s snorting cocaine. The premeditated celebration was a response to Everton fans who had been taunting him about a drug problem.


Antoine Griezmann’s car ride

Back when he played for Real Sociedad, the French striker celebrated a second team goal by finding the nearest automobile, hopping in with this teammates, and honking the horn. Just when you thought carpooling was reserved for football practice.


Paul Gascoigne ‘The Dentist’s Chair'

In one of the best goals of the Euro 1996 tournament, Paul Gascoigne flips the ball over a Scotland defender and nets a second goal for the Three Lions. But the celebration may have been even better, as he and his teammates reenacted “the dentist’s chair” drinking game the team apparently had been caught doing while on tour overseas. Keep in mind this was the pre-social media age.


Adebayor against 3,000 Gooner fans

In one of the boldest celebrations, former Gooner Emmanuel Adebayor notches a header against his former club and runs all the way to the other end of the field to celebrate in front of 3,000 Arsenal fans. He may not have been able to avoid the streams of invective from the Gooner faithful but he somehow evades all thrown objects.


Francesco Totti’s iconic selfie

In the Rome derby between Roma and Lazio, the ‘Golden Boy’ Francesco Totti scored a stunner and then followed it up with a celebration for the social media ages. Snagging an iPhone, he pucks his lips and takes a selfie with the Roma faithful. What a moment.


Jurgen Klinsmann ‘The Dive'

Having developed a reputation as a diver in the 1990 World Cup, the German striker came to England with a target on his back. But after scoring a wonderful header against Sheffield Wednesday, he celebrated the goal with a dive to mock his critics.


Marco Tardelli Screaming celebration

Pure emotion. That about sums up Marco Tardelli’s goal for Italy in the 1982 World Cup final. Look at the tears running down his face.


Temuri Ketsbaia kicks advertising

Apparently venting months of frustration for lack of playing time, Newcastle midfielder Temuri Ketsbaia celebrated his goal against Bolton Wanderers in 1998 by kicking the billboards around the field. This is of course after he’d already thrown his shirt into the crowd. He never apologized to the sponsors.


Jimmy Bullard on-field team talk

In this celebration, Hull City’s Jimmy Bullard wisely mocks his coach Phil Brown's on-field team talk. Who said football always had to be so serious?


Edmilson Ferreira carrot shorts

We have so many questions about this one. The fact that he was playing with a carrot in his shorts is mind-boggling. Nonetheless, here is Edmilson Ferreira on Brazilian Atletico Mineiro club celebrating a goal against rivals America MG eating a carrot that he pulled out of his shorts.


FC Stjarnan gone fishing

Leave it to a team in Iceland to come up with some of the most creative team goal celebrations. From reenacting human birth to fishing, FC Stjarnan obviously has some of the funniest players in football.


David Alaba's Crazy Chair Celebration

He couldn't resist. David Alaba celebrated Benzema's comeback goal against PSG during the 2021/22 Champions League Round of 16 by picking up a plastic seat and hosting it like a WWE wrestler.

“It's good to try a new celebration from time to time,” said Alaba, smiling after the match. “The seat was great. I didn't think about it much, it was the emotion. With a comeback like that you go crazy!”

Christopher Nkunku's Red Balloon celebration

RB Leipzig striker Christopher Nkunku celebrated the opener against Shakhtar Donetsk in a 2022/23 Champions League group stage match by blowing up a red balloon. While some fans thought he was reenacting the clown out of the 2017 movie It, he was actually doing the celebration as a tribute to his balloon-obsessed son. Fair play.

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