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2023 celebrities in their favorite Champions League shirts

2023 celebrities in their favorite Champions Leagues shirts

From the glitzy red carpets to the electrifying Champions League nights, celebrities have often shown their deep-seated passion for the beautiful game. In 2023, the worlds of entertainment and football collide like never before as we spot celebrities donning the shirts of their favorite Champions League teams. Let's take a look at which clubs Hollywood's A-list celebs and influencers will be cheering on in this year's Champions League.

Emily Ratajkowski

American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski took to Instagram to flaunt her newfound love for Napoli, complete with a team shirt and a cheeky caption: “Changed my shirt to see Naples.”

The post came just before Napoli's 22/23 high-stakes Champions League quarter-final showdown against AC Milan. However, the celebrity endorsement didn't bring good luck to Luciano Spalletti's side.

Despite the glamorous support, Napoli faced a setback as AC Milan managed to eke out a one-nil victory in the first leg, adding another chapter to the debate on whether celebrity endorsements bring fortune or folly to the soccer pitch.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian effect is real — just ask fans. Last season, Kardashian and her son attended a match at the Emirates in which the Gunners lost a Europa League match against Sporting. Arsenal also lost out the Premier League to Manchester City after her presence.

Kim then jetted to Paris to watch PSG lose 2-nil to Stade Rennes. Lucky for her, she'll be able to root for both Arsenal and PSG in the Champions League this 23/24 season. As for AS Roma fans, you'll have to wait for your next Champions League opportunity — until then, Kim will keep wearing the I Giallorossi kit to the gym.

Robert Downey Jr.

Hollywood superstar Robert Downey Jr., best known for his iconic role as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a dedicated fan of Celtic FC. This year, he has even more reason to celebrate as his beloved team has qualified for the Champions League, squaring off against Feyenoord in the group stages.

There's no guessing which team Lebron James supports in this year's Champions League. The NBA legend has benefited handsomely from his part ownership of Liverpool Football Club. Nike even released a kit in his own name in 2023.

He's also fond of wearing the training during workouts.

Miley Cyrus

How excited will pop sensation Miley Cyrus be when the Red Devils take on Bayern Munich in the group stages on Wednesday?

Let's just say she's got the kit (even if it's from 2014), and she's ready for Erik ten Hag's team to make a statement in Europe after a slow 23/24 Premier League start. Her excitement could reach new heights, especially if Manchester United progresses through the knockout stages.

Justin Bieber

Although he may be a diehard fan, pop sensation Justin Bieber apparently ardently supports Europe's top Champions League clubs — Arsenal, , PSG, and Real Madrid. I guess it's just easier when you cast a wide net and pick them all. He's also supported Chelsea in the past, but the Blues are on a gap year this season.


Global music icon Beyoncé has often been seen flaunting the colors of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), signaling a deeper affection for the glamorous French football club.

Known for her fierce individualism and trailblazing artistry, it's little wonder that Beyoncé would align herself with PSG—a team synonymous with opulence, ambition, and a cosmopolitan flair. But can the Parisians win the big one this season, or will they trip and fall again on the big stage again 😉?

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